181. Emotional Assists and Spiritual Clearing

Spiritual clearing techniques in the past, and especially during the last 50 years, have mostly adopted the 'mind over matter' theory.

While this theory is principally correct, its perusal easily leads to ignoring the obvious solutions for immediate problems.

If there is a thorn under the fingernail, one could, of course, rise to the height of mastering one's perception of pain to turn off the same.

Alas, it is much easier to pull out the thorn and go on doing some more important things!

Now, this seems just too easy for many people, and it smacks like an acknowledgment of the existence of what a lot of folks consider an unholy burden and a cruel trap of the spirit - namely this human body of ours.

Accordingly, there is a thread of denial to grant the body its proper healthy and natural life throughout human history within the many different spiritual circles and teachings.

Such an approach is making spiritual awakening unnecessary difficult or may even impede its occurrence. Body and mind are mutually supporting pillars and the better off each of them is, the better the other will function.

This is especially true for the phenomena that are generally called 'emotions'.

While it was mostly assumed in the past that emotions are anchored solely in the mind (and could therefore be solved exclusively through the mind itself), this position is incorrectly based on an undifferentiating identification with the various aspects of human existence itself.

In the article 'The Different Kinds of Emotions', the class of 'body emotions' have been identified as the majority of emotions that a human being is confronted with. These 'body emotions' are stored on the physical level as blockages of energy flows. Whether they consist of stuck switches or valves in the circulation of the life force (using an 'electrical' model), or whether they are slowed-down or  everse-spinning energy vortices (using a 'magnetical' model), is discussed separately in the article 'Theories About the Nature of Emotions'.

For the following outline of remedies for undesired body emotions, theories are not necessary or may even be in the way of recognizing the tremendous practical value of 'Emotional Assists'.

Recently, there is an emergence of techniques for such assists, and some are used in conjunction with spiritual awakening techniques, notably the technique called PEAT. The claims are sky-high and often met with a lot of skepticism.

In any case, there is such a huge benefit in using Emotional Assists during spiritual clearing that it would be a grave omission for any practitioner not to explore its potential.

Before looking more in depth at the techniques for Emotional Assists, here are some examples of 'Emotional Assists' as they are used in every day life:

- tapping someone on the shoulder increases the confidence level of
a person. (This affects both body and spiritual emotions directly and
indirectly works on the mind emotions as a validation of conforming to the
current "social consensus".)

- tapping on the belly stimulates an energy point below the navel and cheers up the body entity (called 'GE' by some) in general and the digestive functions in particular.

- holding the hand over the heart area during an oath, programs whatever is being said on a more physical level. The body (in contrast to the mind) cannot lie.

- rubbing one's chin during a decision process increases the courage to assume responsibility and thus accelerates the decision process.

These examples are physical 'positive gain' processes that are used in
daily life without too much attention on how and why they work.

Strangely enough, there were never many (if any) 'negative gain' processes known. 'Negative gain' means that 'charge' or 'trauma' is being ameliorated or even erased permanently.

As mentioned, there is a variety of different techniques out there now, and probably all of them have merits. Some of them are truly based on ancient techniques like Jin Shin Do .

The focus here shall be on the technique called EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, developed and promoted by Gary Craig .

This technique is extremely straight-forward and can rapidly be learnt without any prior philosophical or other indoctrination. Children can learn to use it for themselves in a few minutes. Even pet owners can apply it to their beloved companions.

The Spiritual Technique PEAT is based on EFT. EFT itself is based on Dr. Callahan's TFT. While Callahan claims to have TFT found independently, there are clearly precursors or parallels to TFT, namely TFH (Touch For Health) by John Thie (http://www.tfh.org/ ), which in turn goes back to George Goodheart, the 'father' of modern kinesiology (also known as "muscle testing").

The process in short is as follows:

While recalling (or imagining a recall) of a traumatic experience or sensation, a series of endpoints of energy pathways on the body (the 'meridians') are lightly tapped several times with one or two fingers.

In the majority of cases, a single path of tapping already reduces the negative emotion significantly, unless another equal or more severe emotion pops up that was lying dormant underneath the current issue.

As noted above, it is not necessary to have a 'theory' behind this simple process - it just simply works.

For example, for many advanced practitioners Gary Craig's 'discovery statement', ('The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption of the body's energy system'), is actually a turn-off.

In itself it doesn't really say much, since 'every' problem can be seen as a disruption of an 'energy system', as demonstrated several time in the 'Little Purple Notebook..'.  Further, assigning a 'single cause' to any phenomenon in general, is a severe short-circuit in the mind to begin with (see the article 'Manifestation in Dependence on Conditions' Vs 'Cause and Effect').

On top of that, if a 'negative emotion' is a 'disruption', what then is a 'positive' emotion?

The scale of emotions clearly is based on the same physical manifestations, subtle or not, whether there are perceived as 'positive' or as 'negative'.

From the view of processor, the tapping on certain points on the body may not even have to do anything with the body's energy system at all. One could make the point that the core process of EFT is what is known as the 'duplication process' and that the tapping could be just a diversion strategy to prevent the mind from building up its usual barriers to prevent the person to view (and thus resolve) the past trauma. In other words, given the person something 'to do' while confronting the problem at hand could by itself extend the ability of the person to confront the very problem to a point of successful resolution.

Theories aside, the 'discovery statement' works perfectly well for most people in shaking up a bit their current belief systems.

There is one other very important process in Gary Craig's EFT approach, dealing with what he calls 'Psychological Reversal'.

Already in the '50s George Goodheart found during 'muscle tests' that the body may 'think' in an opposite way as the person. For example, the person may think 'I want to lose weight', but the body of the person 'thinks' exactly the other way around.

Any effort by the person put into losing weight will then be interpreted as a command to put on some weight by the body proper.

Goodheart's and Thie's remedies were mainly cross-crawling or cross-dancing (left hand forward with right leg forward). EFT proposes an affirmation while holding a meridian point on the chest or the hand, such as "Even though I have this [problem], I deeply and profoundly accept myself").

The workability of this approach leads to the interesting question if the
'Psychological Reversal' (or 'being switched' in Goodheart's words) is
ultimately based on a 'anti-reaction' of the body: the body recognizing
that the mind or the spirit failed to protect it in a life-threatening situation, programmed itself to reverse the command of the person during the incident and act in an opposite way in the future.

In many instances, an incorrectly formulated command or implant could be the reason for the reversal (more to this below).

In any case, EFT and other related approaches work magically fast and reliable for a vast number of problems related to the body and its emotions.

Now, besides handling obvious problems in life, how valuable is such an approach in Spiritual Clearing? Are the underlying aspects really being addressed or is it just a removal of symptoms?

For the majority of applicants, Emotional Assists may always be not more than
the instant, miraculous relief from often life-long anxieties and traumas.

But this is not a short-coming of the process itself - it is a sign of disinterest of a person in its own spiritual aspects.

For a spiritual quest, it makes a lot of sense to ensure a decent quality of life on the physical level, including body emotions to begin with.

Beyond that, addressing body emotions can open up profound phenomena of existence and experiences that may help the spiritual aspects of a person to heal itself.

Such is the claim of PEAT, an EFT based approach that aims, amongst other things, to harmonize the Prime Axioms of a person (similar to Alan Walter's 'Codes' and the 'gunas' of Patanjali), and even to attack the basic problem of individuation of a Being by addressing its identifications with the body or parts thereof.

'Digging deeper' in addressing the subtle feelings that are usually brushed away by most spiritual seekers is a process that depends on the ability and persistence of the processor.

Just like within the mind, the 'really' deep issues are usually covered up by misdirectors - stacked-up emotions that will lead the person in the wrong direction.

The help of another person, preferably an experienced processor, may often be vital to bring the most carefully hidden emotions to the surface. Once disclosed, they can be brought to a resolution.

In short, the efficiency and the scope of EFT seems to be solely limited by the skills of the processor in finding areas that need resolution.

Meridian Tapping as used in EFT can be very successfully applied to the energy bodies of a person. Since the energy bodies of a human being work like a 'blue-print' for the formation and constellation of the actual cells, such working on the energy level can be dramatically more effective than tapping on the physical level.

It also goes a long way towards the prevention of the recreation of the original problem (or a worse one!) during this or a future lifetime.

After all, the person attracted the problem in the first place because of a non-confront, denial or a non-tolerance. (As a remedy, have the person imagine the creation many more such problems in its mind to increase its level of confront !).

In a more comprehensive processing or co-processing environment emphasis should be put on balancing 'negative' and 'positive' gain processing. Tapping or rubbing on meridian points can and should also be used to program the body or any of its parts to increase confidence and stability.

Like with positive affirmations, care should be taken to painstakingly avoid logical constructs such as 'not', 'and', and 'or'. Logical constructs, as pointed out and explained multiple times in this 'Little Purple Notebook...' are NOT understood on the body level.

A command such as 'Thou shalt not do X' will be received by the body as 'Thou *shalt* do X'. This phenomenon may account for a great number of 'Psychological Reversals' - the body was given a command that included a NOT, and, of course, could not digest this most important part of the message, resulting in a reversal of the command itself.

In a nutshell, the all-important ability of a Being to confront life in general can be dramatically improved by techniques like EFT.

There is nothing to be feared, if one knows one can resolve any and all fears that may arise.

This circumstance makes EFT (or any of its 'cousins') to a must-have in the toolbox of any serious spiritual seeker.

Copyleft © 2000 by Maximilian J. Sandor