470. The Matrix - Introduction



Whereas a plethora of procedures and processes exists
to handle specific ailments, shortcomings, and oddities
of the phenomena called mind, body, spirit, and soul,
a truly comprehensive overview has not been published
in current times.

Of course, countless efforts to sell a complete
bridge to freedom can be encountered at any corner
of the spiritual marketplace. Some of them do have
some paths that work for quite some people, achieving
temporary exalted states or 'key-outs'. Sooner or
later their adepts will invariably crash, however.

The reason for this lies in the circumstance that
this Universe unfolded as a multidimensional MATRIX
and ONE shortcut path to 'outtahere' will result
in a stressing of the matrix on the other paths of
its grid. This stress WILL pull the Being back
sooner or later.

Gotamo Siddharto, known as the 'Buddha', recognized
this and proposed the 'Noble Eightfold Path',
explaining carefully that all eight (8!) areas
have to be developed at the SAME TIME.

His detailed descriptions of these eight parts of
the comprehensive path have not found entrance
into the Pali Canon (these scriptures were
compiled after his physical death and against his
explicit will).

From its rough descriptions, however, we shall see
later how they fit into the 'matrix' as it will
be proposed in the following.

There are several historical approaches to the
'matrix'. Best known perhaps is the I-Ching matrix,
consisting of an 8 by 8 code, resulting in 64
elements. While the I-Ching can serve as a grid to
explain many properties and consequential phenomena
in nature and human life, the grid is so abstract
that its usage is severely limited.

Another ancient approach has been preserved as
the 'Code of Tzolkin' of the Maya civilization
and has a 13 by 20 code resulting in 260 elements.

Unfortunately, the brutal cultural extinctions
and the genocides that were initiated by the
Roman Catholic Church have practically not
left any of its interpretations for modern time.

One of the rare exceptions is the 'Mayan Calendar'
This calendar is starting an entire new cycle
of 5,200 years as the manifestation of the matrix
as a sequence of universal base energies on
December 23rd, 2012 at 11am.

By far the most details about the matrix have been
orally transmitted in the philosophy-religion
called 'Ifa'. The Ifa mapping features a 16 by
16 matrix and the intrinsic relationships have
been orally preserved in an estimated
4,000+ (fourthousand! plus) stories and poems.

Even though the depth of these teachings exceeds
the scope of this 'Purple Notebook On How To Escape
from this Universe', and even though most of its
teachings have been traditionally kept secret,
we will use this mapping of the matrix as an
introduction and the initial overview.

The motivation in this context will be to depict
the matrix as a roadmap for processing. No
justifications for the system itself will be

To reiterate: every single of the 256 paths in
this matrix can be taken as an 'escape route'
by designing the appropriate process. There is
no 'one-and-only' way to achieve this. However,
in order to avoid being pulled in by any of the
other 255 elements in the matrix, it is necessary
to know how to approach them.

Here is a rough map:

From an abstract UNITY, the Universe unfolds
into a mirrored duality. The duality itself is
known as Yin and Yang (Chinese), tapas and
rajas in Indian philosophy.

In the traditional graphical representation of
the unity or TAO, these mirror points are the
little dots in both sides.
(see http://orunla.org/images/tao.gif for an

These four manifestations are the 'basic fractal'
in the Universe. All other manifestations are
instantiations of this four-fold fractal.

As a consequence, the next level of unfolding leads
to a 4x4 matrix with 16 elements, and the next
unfolding level yields 16x16=256 elements.

These three unfoldings describe a three-dimensional
Universe PLUS a mirror Universe.

'Time', in this perspective, is an artificial
construct of the human mind with the purpose of
describing the pulse in which changes can
occur in the matrix. It could also called the
'base frequency' and is a phenomenon WITHIN this
world, thus not an explicit dimension as such.
Consequently, 'time' as a manifestation in this
Universe, is but one of the 256 elements of its

Since all elements are mirrored, one can collapse
the level of 16 to a level of 8 if one keeps
in mind that every element has a mirror. This is
the secret of the I-Ching. This implied property
makes it nearly impossible to use the I-Ching
correctly unless one knows about it AND one
has the mental power to always stay aware of
the appropriate mirror elements.

The 260 elements of the Code of Tzolkin are NOT
the 256 elements of Ifa at the threedimensional
level with the addition of the basic fractal with
4 elements. However, the 13x20 mapping can be
derived from the Ifa system in a specific way
that would be outside the scope of this series.

Now, the BASIC, FUNDAMENTAL mistake of the vast
majority of philosophers, past and present, is
to ignore the 'mirror', or, in other words the
'fractal structure' of this Universe.

The manifestation of the matrix unfolds in ALL
four parts of its basic 'strange attractor'
(a name coined in Chaos Theory).

As the most dramatic example of our times, the
New Ager's frantic thirst for the 'Light' is
side of the coin' is disregarded or pushed
away, it will persist and it will be only
a matter of time until this other side will

Any society with a sufficient number of people
that is 'blinded by the light' WILL self-destruct
in time or invite its destruction by outer

A dramatic example of this process can be seen
in ALL countries that harbored the philosophy
of 'Modern Buddhism' for a sufficiently long
time. The original teachings of Gotamo Siddharto
were mutated and mutilated early on
into propositions diametrally opposed to Gotamo's
original ones with the horrendous result of brutal
destruction of its own, misleaded adepts, their
families, and their countries to the point of
annihilation, a process that Gotamo himself
predicted, according to the Pali Canon.

On the other hand, true Shamans of ancient and
new times, such as Rowland Barkley (tranceform.org),
for example, are USING the four-fold fractal
kernel deliberately in order to awake people in
a fast and efficient way.

The core fractal, or the "Level of Four" as labeled
by Ed Dawson (censorthis.com/ouran/ghosthome.html)
is mirroring into a four-foldedness consisting of
16 elements which thus form the 8 most basic
polarity pairs in this Universe.

In this mini-series within the 'Purple Notebook On
How To Escape from This Universe', we will see
the reconstruction of an "Eightfold Path" and
explore the various ways of processing to thus
rediscover the famous 'Middle Path'.


Copyleft © 1998 by Maximilian J. Sandor, Ph.D.