472. The Polarities Within The Matrix

One of the basic observations in nature's 'Matrix' is that every basic manifestation occurs in pairs.

In the first chapter it was pointed out that actually everything comes in a 'set of four'. For many
purposes, we can collapse this however into one duality as long as we always keep this in mind for more thorough investigations.

For convenience reasons, we'll call one side of the basic manifestation, the 'Plus pole', the other side the 'Minus pole', and the entire assembly a 'Polarity'. 'Plus/Minus' or 'positive/negative' are not meant as evaluative in this context but rather in a scientific/engineering way.

The poles are traditionally called Yin/Yang (Taoism), Tamas/Rajas (Indian) or Oyeku/Ogbe (Ifa).

Gotamo Siddharto referred to them simply as the 'extremes' of his 'Middle Path'. His central concept of 'dukkha' can easily be interpreted as 'duality' and thus 'polarity'. The conventional translation as 'suffering' is plain wrong. 'Suffering' is the direct *consequence* of dukkha but so is (worldly) happiness. The root of both is 'dukkha', the 'non-wholeness' of things.

It cannot often enough be repeated that there cannot be any manifestation in this Universe WITHOUT both sides of polarity. While this seems obvious in natural sciences and technology, it is routinely overlooked in human behaviour on personal and group levels.

The failure to consider the 'other' side can result in catastrophic failures, ranging from achieving the opposite of one's own personal desires with, for example, 'Positive Thinking' to disastrous consequences in global politics.

For our purposes we want to concentrate on how to work on greater spiritual and emotional freedom.

The major obstruction to this freedom consists of obsolete or inapplicable past goals that are still activated in present time.

To begin with, every goal consists of a polarity. In order to have any goal persist over time, it must, like everything else, contain an untruth.

This untruth commonly is a swapping of polar properties between the poles. In other words, one is mixing 'Yin' into the 'Yang' part and vice versa.

Any existing goal is anulled by simply undoing this process. This is the entire secret of the Indian 'Gunas' process.

The only prerequisite for this process is the ability to identify and differentiate Yin and Yang (Tamas & Rajas, respectively).

While this seems of no concern at first glance, real-life processing experience shows that a certain percentage of people have the attributes of Yin and Yang REVERSED. In those cases the Gunas process will NOT work until this is corrected through special and sometimes arduous and timeconsuming processing. This phenomenon seems independent of the degree of spiritual work the person has already undergone up to this point.

Is the *complete* cleaning of a basic structure possible at all?

The basic fractal template, the 'Level of Four', already contains the mix of Yin & Yang as exemplified by the 'Tao Symbol' having each side containing its opposite as a small dot.

In a very strict sense, any *complete* resolution of *any* Gunas construct will result in a transcendance of the Universe as such.

As pointed out earlier, however, the conglomerate of existence that we're used to call the Universe, manifests as a mesh of basic goals derived from the 'unified/unmanifested' in three concurrently unfolding layers.

As *one* construct gets close to resolution, the other goal constructs in the Matrix will act up.

It should be noted, that such an attempt is only possible if all constructs were already removed that were stacked upon the basic on.

Such a process may take many years to complete with the 'standard' Gunas process as devised by Patanjali and encoded in his main work, the 'Yogasutras'.

Recently, another fast process to clean polarities has emerged: Zivorad Slavinski's PEAT process. Compared to a properly grooved-in Gunas process, it is still slower and the 'entry points' to the process are more difficult to get.

A remedy for the latter is to run the reversed Gunas process in order to create a temporary goal construct that is related sufficiently close to the basic one that is being targeted.

PEAT is extremely easy and fast to learn. After the first and most accessible polarity has been cleaned in a 'normal' session with a processor, it can be run 'Solo' without any special setups.

If a qualified introduction into the Gunas is not possible or a Yin/Yang reversal exists, PEAT may remain the only choice in the moment.

PEAT and Gunas Process can be freely mixed. They can be augmented by communication-type processes such as Flemming Funch's Polarity Clearing approach (worldtrans.org/transproc.html)

While this sounds all just very easy and problemfree, one should keep in mind that these approaches were not known until recently and those handlings that were in use are extremely dangerous.

Improper goals handling, such as the so-called 'GPM' (goals/problems/masses) approach can be DEADLY; especially so with stacked up long term goals as examined in line plots (past life charts).

Some of these handlings can actually create the illusion of a temporary release of the goal construct assembly. But an 'inexplicable' crash can occur at any time afterwards and it can be very brutal.

As a rule of thumb: the higher the ascension, the deeper the fall.

We will focus in the following on the 16 'master polarities (olodu)' of Ifa which can be grouped as 8 polarities.

It's not necessary to sit under a Bodhi Tree to work on these polarities although for some people it may be helpful to find a pleasant, aesthetique environment while approaching the top polarities.

(Note: to be honest, I actually did sit under a Bodhi Tree, the only one left on the UCLA campus these days, when I released the 'Level of Four' for the first time. This happened rather by accident, however, I have to confess).

It should be pointed out that Gotamo Siddharto, the 'Buddha', did not simply come up with his 'Noble Eightfold Path' by mere meditation alone. As Ed Dawson pointed out to me after careful analysis of the Pali Canon, the 'Buddha' seemed to have forcefully released the prime polarity 'Ika-Oturupon' which manifests as 'Body Death Vs Spiritual Survival' in this Universe.

This prime polarity MUST BE CONFRONTED before any successful ascension attempt and, in the hindsight not surprisingly, we can find dramatizations of this polarity in most major religions, most notably in the Christian story about Jesus the Nazarene.

Before finally plunging into the soup of the Matrix, a brief note about the names being used above and in the following chapters.

The prime polarities (odu) are manifesting in this Universe in a fashion that can be compared to the models of Fractal Geometry and Chaos Theory.

However, they are OUTSIDE and PERMEATING the Universe at the same time.

Attaching any familiar label to it, such as 'create/destroy' for 'Ogbe/Oyeku' may become necessary when looking at their prime manifestations.

However, it should always be kept in mind that the odu cannot possibly be appropriately labeled.

For this very reason, we will use the Ifa names even though this may constitute an inconvenience for the reader at first.

This way, there will be common identifiers when we examine the manifestations of the prime polarities in various different forms such as a 'sine wave', electronics, mechanical engineering, the 'cycle of action', (ethics) conditions of success, or the stockmarket, to name a few.

If this sounds all too complicated, one could speculate that 'if one is running long enough Polarity Clearing', one would 'automatically hit' the prime polarities and simply skip any such questions like 'what are the basic polarities'?

This is a nice theory but until proven, it seems advisable to study the core polarities as they are
already known and shown to work since thousands of years.


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