494. Prime Manifestations of the Prime Polarities

As mentioned already several times, the manifestations of the Odu (Prime Polarities) should never be mistaken for the Odu themselves, a warning that cannot be emphasized enough.

One of the main difficulties in isolating the most basic polarities is their fractal character which implies duplicities in traits that are being shared amongst different odus.

For example, 'Osa' appears as 'Viewpoint' as a prime manifestation but 'viewpoints' as syuch can be found in other prime manifestations as well.

Another basic difficulty is the determination at what point a quality is a pole of a certain kind and at what point it becomes 'more of its opposite' character.

To use 'Osa' again: a 'viewpoint', when solidified, becomes its polar opposite 'Ogunda' which, as a prime manifestation appears as an 'anchorpoint'.

While in theory it seems clear that the quality with the 'greater charge' is the dominant one and determines the overall character, this determination is unfeasible in praxis even if the 'quality' or 'pole' is 'cleared' from all debris.

Before giving explicit examples, here is the list of prime polarities as a summary.


Manifestational Realm (example: "Existence"): a global heading for the area of the manifestation that is covered by the basic polarity;

8-fold Path Name (example: "samma-sankappo"): the traditional (Pali) name of the part of the path according to Gotamo Siddharto (the 'Buddha'), cp Majj. Nikaya iii, 141;

Ifa name (example: Ogbe): the traditional names for both positive and negative directions;

Vectors: positive and negative directions; 'Plus/Minus' or 'positive/negative' are not meant as evaluative in this context but rather in a scientific/engineering way.

Binary code (example: "0100"): There are several different possible considerations when assigning the digits for the binary code. Here we are assigning 1=='turned ON' and 0=='turned OFF' which makes the basic code look similar to a 'Byte' in today's computers. The more traditional way would be to add '1' to both sides which makes it mathematically 'more correct'.

Important Notes:

- the labels given to the odus in the following are meant for processing only!!!!

- some of them could be used as-is for meditation purposes (as a special form of processing);

- however, the latter is not recommended at this point in time since the labels for the prime manifestations provided here are 'dangerously' close to the original templates. Their full manifestation can have unexpected and potentially dramatic side effects (see next note);

- determination and explanations of specific lifepaths resulting from the manifestations of odus for persons is the sole domain of a 'babalawo' which requires proper initiation to be able to handle the energies that may manifest during the work with the odus;

- most of the labels below have been crystalized by Ouran through intense, ardous study. They have been confirmed as workable in actual processing and/or in SkyWork ;

- a temporary 'key-out' may occur at any point of working one's way through the 'Matrix'. These key-outs are signs of being on the 'right way'. The 'End Phenomena' of the resolution of the 'Matrix' cannot be discussed in public. E-mail Max if you have uncertaintities or questions in this respect.


List of Prime Manifestations of the Prime Polarities (Odu)

Existence (samma-sankappo):
Ogbe: 1111 ordered/chaos
Oyeku: 0000 manifestation

(positive) manifesting order
(negative) destroying order (Chaos)

(positive) before manifestation (not-yet-manifested)
(negative) after manifestation (un-manifesting)

Space (sammaa-samaadhi):
Iwori: 0110 size of spaces
Odi: 1001 density of spaces

(positive) Large spaces
(negative) Collapsed space

(positive) Solidity in space
(negative) Vacuum

Wave (Energies) (samma-kammanto):
Irosun: 1100 (energy) motions
Owonrin: 0011 (energy) fields

(positive) Flowing energy
(negative) Stopped flow of energy

(positive) Image/Focus
(negative) Dispersed (no image possible)

Consciousnesses (sammaa-vaacaa):
Obara: 1000 everyone (others)/only I (self) = beings
Okanran: 0001 know (perception)/not know (non-perception) = awareness

(positive) Hero, savior, self as a god
(negative) Bad lone wolf or dictator

(positive) Know/perceive
(negative) Not-know, oblivious

Points (physical or mental) (sammaa-ditthi):
Ogunda:1110 anchors for leverage (strength)
0111 change of viewpoint/fixed ideas = viewpoints

(positive) Anchored
(negative) Adrift, unable to hold onto, loss

(positive) Viewpoint
(negative) Other's viewpoints / all viewpoints

Survival (of created living existences) (sammaa-aajiivo):
Ika: 0100 life/death = survival of bodies or lifeforms
Oturupon:0010 oppressor/victim = survival of spirits

(positive) Physical life
(negative) Physical death

(positive) Spiritual life
(negative) Spiritual death

Distance (sammaa-sati):
Otura: 1011 affinity (emotions)
Irete: 1101 freedom (obligations)

(positive) Love
(negative) Hate

(positive) Freedom
(negative) Attachment

Values (sammaa-vaayaamo):
Oshe: 1010 Aesthetics
Ofun: 0101 Ethics

(positive) Beautiness
(negative) Ugliness

(positive) Honesty
(negative) Deception

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