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    Ancient Huna Secrets

By Jonathan Parker

Huna is regarded as the ancient religion of the Hawaiians and the Polynesians, but it is actually much more than that.

The word Huna means ‘secret,’ and is taken from the word, ‘Kahuna,’ which means 'keeper of the secret.' The Kahunas were the priests of the ancient Huna religion. Huna is a system of religious beliefs and practices used by the Hawaiians for at least 1400 years, and by the Polynesians for as much as 14,000 years. Yes, the latest archaeological discoveries by the French are that some of the islands have been inhabited for that long a time. To these ancient people, Huna was a way of life that included the best elements of spiritual practice without the dogmas of religion. Without a written language they orally taught their children the secrets of their powerful rituals. In this way the priesthood passed on the teachings from generation to generation.

Most of what we know today about the Huna religion is due to the research of one man, Max Freedom Long. His research in unraveling the secrets began in Hawaii in the 1920's and continued until his death in 1971. Max Freedom Long used the name Huna and defined it as a system of religious psychiatry because it contained the elements of religion, psychology, and psychic science. Long's first book on the subject titled Recovering the Ancient Magic, was published in England in 1936, but only a few copies survived. The original plates and the storehouse of copies were destroyed early in the second World War in the London air raids. His next book was titled Introduction to Huna which was published in the United States in 1945 followed soon after by a larger book, The Secret Science Behind Miracles published in 1948. Five more books were published before his death in 1971.

The main thrust of Long's work was research and translation. The translation of the Hawaiian language is the key to finding the hidden meaning to otherwise ordinary words. Each multisyllable word is made up of many short words -- each one of which has several meanings. You literally must break a word apart to find out what it really means. Then, since each short word has many meanings, you have to decide which one best applies to what you are seeking. This process was a monumental task for 50 years of his life. Here is an example of how this Works. In the word Hawaii, "Ha" means "breath", and more precisely "breath of life." "Va" means "time" or  "epoch of time." "ii" means "small" or "small place" (actually, "ii" is an abbreviation of "iiki." So, Hawaii  actually means "small place of the breath," and in a larger sense it can be said to mean "small place for the preservation of the knowledge of the breath of life."

When white people arrived in Hawaii they were called ‘Hali’ by the Hawaiians. The name was given by the Kahunas after they watched Capt. Cook and his men hold a religious service when they first arrived. Hali translates "Ha" (breath), "oli" (without) -- literally " without breath." In a larger sense, it means those who pray without using the breath of life. Later in this article you will understand why this is so important.

Another word which you have undoubtedly heard quite often is "aloha." Most people think this word means ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye,’ and in fact, that is how the word is usually used. Actually the word means to "be" or "go" with "the breath of life." When you understand how the Hawaiians used their breath, you will understand that this is a beautiful way to say hello and goodbye to someone? The word "mahalo," which is used to say "thank you," actually means" may the breath of life stay with you."

You have noticed that I have used words involving the Hawaiian word " ha" or "breath." You will soon see that the reason working definition of the word Huna is: the science of the control of the universal life energies through the control of the mind and breath. By now you are beginning to understand how important the correct translation of words are to our learning about Huna. Not only did the translations reveal a successful working method of psychology, but they also revealed a practical scientific explanation of so-called miracles and how they are done -- including healing, the control of nature and the elements, walking on hot lava, etc.

Basic to an understanding of Huna is knowledge of the workings of the three spirits or three levels of mind. According to Huna beliefs the complete ‘unit’ or ‘being’ is composed of a physical body inhabited by two of the three spirits or minds. 'Unipalihi' and 'Phani' which are basically in the body and the third spirit or mind called the 'Amakua' which is outside the body. These three elements together make up a complete being, and it is crucial to understand that this does not refer to the physical brain--they are the energy components used by the mind to control the body.

The first of these minds, the Huna's called the Unipilhi, and was referred to as a ‘low self’ because it is below the level of consciousness -- this is the subconscious. The subconscious is the storehouse of all memory, controls all the autonomic bodily functions, and is the seat of all feelings and emotions. It is the mechanism by which a person can contact their Higher Self for healing or inspiration. It has a limitless ability to store information from the five senses, but it has limited reasoning ability and unless otherwise corrected it will react to everything based directly on the sum total of previous programming -- often in a very literal manner. It receives its programming from parents, teachers, ministers, friends, and the individual’s own reading and thinking -- it cannot do otherwise, and even if the programming is incorrect or illogical it still responds according to what has been put into it. Because the subconscious is the seat of emotions rather than logic, laughing, crying, loving and even hating are spontaneous reactions which stem from the subconscious mind based on previous programming. The responses emanating from the subconscious mind will belogical or illogical depending on previous input.

On the other hand, the second mind unit was called the Upani, and was referred to buy the Hawaiians as the middle self or conscious mind. This is the rational, logical, analytical mind. This is the part of us which speaks. Since you cannot speak without thinking, it is the middle self that thinks and reasons. It can decide to have a talk with itself or with the subconscious. In Huna teaching these two minds are what inhabit the unit. Above the body is the third part called the Amuka. It resides above us -- outside the body. It is more or less equivalent to the superconscious or Higher Self.

To the Hawaiians it is actually part of the great High Self  which is all High Selves. Above this is the creator spirit or the Higher Self's Higher Self. Your Higher Self is the one watching over you and is directly connected to the universal mind. When the Higher Self is fully merged with a Middle Self and Lower Self the individual operates fully on a Godly level. Such was the case with Jesus and this is why he said "My Father and I are one."

The refusal of the first missionaries to understand and relate to the concept of the High Self was the main reason for a 200 year delay in the appreciation of what the Polynesians and Hawaiians had to offer the world.

In Hawaiian households as well as public buildings there was almost always a shrine flanked by two polls topped with one half of a top not--half on the left and half on the right. When asked what these figures were, the Hawaiians would say they are the Amakua. One of the best translations of that word is " the utterly trustworthy parental spirit." To the
Hawaiians that represented the Higher Self in the male and female aspect-like the yin-yang of the Far East, or the positive and negative of science. The missionaries dismissed these concepts as superstitions. They thereby closed their minds to the entire range of concepts of the Hawaiian tradition. This is how all of their wisdom was lost.

When the Kahunas observed that the white people would not listen they stopped teaching and retreated from the public eye. The secret knowledge which they possessed became almost totally unknown to any white person. In fact, until Max Freedom Long began his search around 1919 to 1920 nothing was known of it in the outside world. The number of Kahunas gradually diminished until only a handful of true Kahunas remained.

Happily much of the old wisdom has come to light. Through an understanding of the three minds of man, tremendous things can be accomplished. Let's now undertake a more careful look at the three minds of man. The Unipilhi has an aka body or shadow body of its own which completely duplicates the physical structure. This parallels other metaphysical concepts such as the etheric body or the etheric double, but there are two other important Huna concepts with regard to the Unipilhi. First is that the subtle body doesn't just contain the subconscious mind -- it is the subconscious mind. The second concept is that the aka body is composed of a sticky substance which has an endlessly flexible and endlessly stretchable character. Despite this fact, it does not diminish from nor alter the form of the Unipilhi--the exact double of the physical body. When you touch anything or anyone a thread of this sticky substance attaches to it, and this aka thread will remain unless carefully and purposely severed or retrieved. It can even send out a thread or cord and fasten to someone or something you look at or concentrate on. These threads or cords become energetic conduits between you and the other person or object. This is the Huna explanation of ESP phenomena, psychometry, and dowsing.

Here's the way dowsing works... the conscious mind requests that the subconscious send out an aka thread along with instructions to search for water. When it finds water it sends back the information as requested, and swings the rods or moves the twig. If requested, it can even give a depth measurement.  To the subconscious this is an enjoyable game, and when you express appreciation the accuracy increases. Your subconscious is not your enemy unless it has been negatively programmed and knows nothing else. Properly cleared and positively programmed it is your best friend in life.

Next there is the Umpani or middle Self. It too has a shadow body but operates only on the mental plane. It is that part of the unit that thinks abstractly and rationalizes. It speaks and presents itself to the world as our personality. Thirdly, there is the Amakua -- the High Self or Superconscious Mind. This is the utterly trustworthy parent that waits and watches patiently as we exercise our free will. It takes back its own version of our thoughts, dreams, andactivities of the day. From these seeds it shapes our future. This is not interference--it only gives us what we have said we want from our own thoughts, words, and actions.  Other than this, it does not interfere until we ask for help. In some cases, it causes miraculous interventions in order to preserve someone from destruction or harm.

Ideally, there should be constant communication between the three selves. There are, in fact, aka cord connections between the High Self and Low Self, and between the Middle Self and the Low Self, but not directly between the Middle Self and the High Self. The Low Self is the communication link. Prayer in any religious context is a request to the Higher Self to do something for us or someone else. Since it is that simple why aren't prayers always answered? The reason is because the low Self cannot transmit the message if there are blocks or fixations. What are the blocks and fixations that prevent the transmission? Sin, fear, guilt, anger, jealousy, beliefs in limitation, and other negative ideas or beliefs. Remember, the subconscious mind can only respond emotionally or strictly deductively based on its programming. As long as it feels you do not deserve contact with the Higher Self, you will never get the message through. When you have a mind cleared and freed of all fixations and blocks then the message goes through unimpeded.

Kahunas have special techniques to remove these blocks in a short period of time. The three minds work with a subtle form of energy which the Kahunas call mana. The subconscious takes energy from the food we eat, and turns it into basic life energy -- mana. It is widely recognized that deep breathing will increase your energy. The Kahunas use breathing techniques to increase the amount of mana a person has. The way you do this is to take a deep breath and hold it, and will the mana energy into a part of your body needing healing, into your head, or into your hands. You can release the energy from your hands into objects or substances such as crystals, oil, water, or talismans and charge it with whatever traits you desire. When the conscious mind needs energy to think,  it takes mana from the subconscious and steps it up to the level which the conscious mind uses. The Kahunas call this mana mana, or much mana. When the High Self needs energy its steps this energy up even higher to the level of very great mana. This is called manaloa.

In its simplest form a Huna prayer works this way: the conscious mind, by conscious breathing and by conscious effort of will, calls mentally for a surcharge of energy to be created and brought up to its level. By continuous breathing and a further effort of will the energy is stepped up even higher. Then with proper visualizations and words this high energy is sent down to the subconscious and up the aka cord to the High Self. When all this is done correctly, miracles happen.

In our western world we have too often abdicated our personal responsibilities for our own thoughts and actions to controlling people and their laws and dogmas. This has resulted in complicating fixation removal because it has increased the number of fixations. The Huna system has only one basic commandment -- harm no one and nothing with hate. The concept of hate is very important. In the Huna philosophy this allows a person to kill certain life-forms for food or to prevent the spread of disease, but it would be wrong to kill even an insect while thinking or speaking a thought of hatred or damnation.

One effective way of re-programming the subconscious mind, and this is of the utmost importance, is to always use positive speech. Speaking implies thinking--doing one brings about the other. Positive thinking means nothing if one continues to blurt out negative phrases. Positive phrases will reprogram the subconscious mind over time. Repetition is one of the ways the subconscious learns, and is why positive affirmations are effective. This provides the foundation for a new positive life. Remember, fixations are what block your path. With the fixations cleared you can start a new life of health, wealth, and happiness -- and you will live in universal harmony.

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