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What Is Popping Your Frontal Lobes?


by Neil Slade

The information below is the result of cutting edge brain and behavior research.  Currently for sale brain machines are mere toys compared to the 1,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000 and more organic neural computer chips you already own inside your own head. This is a fun public service , the essence of which you can pass along to your friends. This text is Copyright 1998 Neil Slade. No commercial reproduction without express written permission from the author. Otherwise, have fun.

Chapter 1: What Is Popping Your Frontal Lobes?

Think of the most fantastic, exhilarating, or happiest moment of your life. Got it? Now multiply that times a thousand, or ten-thousand. Or a million . That's what it feels like when you POP! your frontal lobes. For real.

To turn on your frontal lobes you

Click your amygdala forward.

This sends energy all the way through your brain.  Transcendence is "in" your frontal lobes.

The frontal lobes are the most advanced part of your brain. The frontal lobes are that part of your brain responsible for creativity, logic, intuition, new problem solving, synthesis of ideas, imagination, concepts of time, and planning.

By clicking your amygdala forward, you cause electro-chemical activity to occur from the base of your brain all the way through to the most advanced part of your brain, the frontal lobes.

Clicking your amygdala forward, self-stimulating the front portion of your amygdala, causes automatic sensations of pleasure and peace of mind.

Clicking your amygdala backward has just the opposite effect.

Frontal lobes transcendence is the addition of increased frontal lobes activity to the point where only positive pleasurable emotions are felt. This is a result of a higher perception of reality and a more successful mode of operation for the individual in the environment.

By continually self-stimulating the anterior amygdala- clicking your amygdala forward- you get continuous creative intelligence pleasure.

Clicking your amygdala forward is simple and very easy once you understand how your brain works and recognize the process. It has been there since the day you were born.


Frontal lobes "transcendence" is the perpetual positive emotion machine!

It is the smartest part of your brain tickling the "goody spot" of your brain whenever you like.

It is FREE, and always there at your neural fingertips. 

Frontal lobes fun is made possible by EFFORTLESS EFFORT, the increased use of the brain potential already existing inside your head.

Your brain will run like an efficient, cool run, natural machine. You will feel good, and your ability to function and solve problems is tremendously enhanced.

Frustration, anger, fear, pain, and other negative feelings are reduced tremendously or even eliminated by your frontal lobes. You "drive around" negative emotions as easily as you drive around obstacles in the road, once you learn how to see forward with your frontal lobes. Just as a child learns how to walk and outgrows falling down, you will outgrow falling down emotions once you learn some basic facts about how your brain works.

And at the same time, your ability to concentrate on your goals, think clearly and act more intelligently in your own behalf and for others is tremendously increased.

You transcend, rise above and beyond, and eliminate bad feelings and the "problems" of life.

Real Brains Science- not hocus pocus!

The location of pre-existing neural circuits for intense pleasure and exceptionally peaceful states of mind in the brains of mammals and humans was first established in the scientific community by brain researchers Jose Delgado of Yale University, James Olds and Peter Milner of the Montreal Neurological Institute, and Dr. Robert Heath of Tulane University Medical School. The brain's trigger sites for pleasure and ecstasy include the anterior amygdala and the septal area.

The ability of persons to self-stimulate their anterior amygdala and experience the "transcendence phenomenon" was proven by a 30 year study by brain and behavior researcher T.D.A. Lingo at the Dormant Brain Research and Development Laboratory near Blackhawk, Colorado. 309 Students and test subjects were involved, and their resultant increases in intelligence, creativity, and positive emotions were demonstrated and measured by a variety of tests and analysis methods.

Scientific Nirvana

"Popping" your frontal lobes or Frontal lobes transcendence is DEFINED as: an extension of other experiences known historically as: nirvana; satori; samadhi; kensho; enlightenment; born again; and other "one-with-the-universe" rapturous experiences of which have been recognized for thousands of years.

Only now has recent scientific investigation made it possible to pinpoint the actual specific areas inside the human brain involved in this experience, and the kind of thought processes which turn it on.

This new additional scientific information makes it far easier to understand, define, describe, and teach this phenomenon.

Where other systems are employed to increase intelligence and elevate mood, such as "positive thinking" exercise, various drugs, diet, or other practices, the results may be temporary, and dependent on specific circumstances. You may become addicted to a limited method of keeping you "high".

On the other hand, frontal lobes access is a permanent change in the perception of reality. It takes place in the no-time-lag inner circuits of your brain. It is independent of physical restraints, body condition, space limitaions, or special equipment- other than having a brain!

Once you POP! your frontal lobes, you experience an advanced automatic thought process in which most anything and everything available can be used as positive brain/life nourishment. There is nothing to bring you down.

How long does IT last?

The change you make using your frontal lobes is FOREVER. Clicking the amygdala forward in laboratory animals (known as kindling) and also in humans, causes a permanent change in behavior.

Turn on your frontal lobes, and you reduce or eliminate boredom, loneliness, lovelessness, meaninglessness. These and other negative emotions are replaced by positive emotions and feelings.

Your frontal lobes will create a life for you that is rewarding, enjoyable, peaceful, flowing, stimulating, and breathtaking. It is life which is amazing 24 hours a day, every single day.

Automatic creative intelligence pleasure habit!

Who or what POPS! Your frontal lobes?

It is done by YOU and YOUR BRAIN. Without special equipment. Without cost. It's free. No dues. You can learn from a friend. What a deal!

What's it like when I turn on my frontal lobes?

Frontal lobes are quiet! Your frontal lobes do not create a non-stop chatter inside your head. Frontal lobes turn on the freedom for you to think or space out as desired, without jeopardizing your existance- a smooth operation.

You can finally really relax! Ahhhh!

Your frontal lobes expression of genius creativity and super intelligence does not require you to become an atomic physicist or to compose two-hour long symphonic overtures (although you could!)

You may chose to express yourself as a genius friend, a super-intelligent mom, a brilliant bus driver, the world's most outrageous punk, or whatever. You will become a genius at enjoying life, whether it is in appreciation of the simple things in life, or the diligently pursued skills.

How long does this brain stuff take?

With conventional thinking, "It will never happen, it's not possible".

Using more traditional methods of study to achieve a similar experience, such as plain meditation, or rational logic, popping your frontal lobes may or may not occur after many years, decades, or a lifetime of work, if it happens at all.

However, the results of the Blackhawk brain lab study show that by the addition of learning basic brain facts the "transcendence phenomenon" occurred between two weeks and five years after the beginning of practice, and study of a few brain facts. Most people who are receptive get results from day one.

What will you chose: never, maybe, or sometime soon?

What will you choose for this once chance at life?

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