529. (Lyn Keller) The Plex Method


You place your hand on your solar plex area and then the other
hand on the occipital area (back of the head just at the neck
Just two areas.
But you "can" change the hand that is not on the
solar plexus to other parts of the body if you want to.

Steps :

1. Locate the major emotion, sensation, or feeling regarding
the subject
or problem you are addressing. Is it somewhere in the body or
is it somewhere
Surrounding the body?

2. Totally focus on it. Learn and practice to just look at it
Doing anything about it, for it, to it, etc. Do this for about
1 minute or
So. All that is needed with this step is to just observe it.
Keep it as
Simple as possible.

3. Right after this, if you can, create an attitude toward this
area. It can be either love,
Admiration, total acceptance, and if you can’t do those, then at
least tolerance. But it
Would be some lighter and more positive attitude towards it.

4. After the second step, and if possible third step is
accomplished, “experience” whatever it is thats happening and to
the best of your ability fully feel the sensations, emotions,
thoughts, etc. occurring.
This means to allow yourself to jump in the middle of the energy
and be a part of it, but with the
Idea that you “can” jump out of it at any time if you wish. If
something is extremely painful, then one
Can jump in and jump back out and just go back to observing it
from the outside. Then jump back
In until one can really experience this energy again.

5. Once you’ve done the prior steps and feel you can be in good
communication with the energy - ask it - If you could move out
to somewhere, where would you go?. It will most likely tell

6. When it does, then tell it that its okay to go there.
Allow for this energy to flow wherever it says it would like to

7. If the energy decides to only move around in the body, then
let it do that for a
Bit and keep asking it, if you could move question.

For those stuck emotions or sensations which won’t let go:

If it is “stuck” in the body
Somewhere, then ask it, - What is your job or purpose for being

It will most likely tell you. When it does, tell it what a
great job its done and
That its purpose was quite worthy. Then ask it - If you could
tell someone
What your job or purpose was, who would you like to tell. The
answer might come back
As - it would like to tell “you”. Let it tell you. Then ask
it - if there is any other
Place or person it would like to tell. If yes, then allow for
it to tell it to that area.

If its something that you have actually put there a long time
ago, then decide on whether
You wish to keep it, or to change it or to let it go. If you
decide to let it go, then again,
Tell it what a great job its done and that its free to go
It wishes. Allow for it to move outward.

Sometimes, it might be something that someone else put there
That you accepted. At that moment you can decide if its to your
benefit or not and
Then proceed to ask it where it would like to go, if it could,

After you have felt areas flow and move out, you can check to
see how the sensations are and if you still have any problem in
the area. If so, then you can repeat the above as most likely
it may be a different part of a package. If not, well, then
you're done :).