Note: the author of this series , by his friends often called Ekun Funfun (the white panther), lives under some fan palms high up in the mountains and comes out of hiding only on hot days to submerse in a small artificial lake nearby. Translated and annotated by Maximilian Sandor (

Energy Pattern #13: The Fallacy of "The End Justifies the Means"
  (by Fada Hunsi Ekunlé)

There are many thousand energy descriptions (pataki) in the tradition of Ifa that have been recorded. There are many thousands more that have been passed on only orally, from teacher to student.

Here is one of those that never have been recorded (to the knowledge of the author). Yet, it is of vital importance in these days of the dawn of a new millennium:

(#13 / binary pattern 0100-0100 / not represented in the I-Ching):
passed on to Fada Hunsi Ekunlé by Awo Alalade Falade:

 "Truthfulness and Falsehood were argueing amongst themselves.
 Truth said that he was more powerful than lies. On the
 other hand, Falsehood said that he was stronger than Truth.

 Otura-Meji told them that the power of Falsehood is transient,
 and Truth, although SLOW and WEAK, overcomes falsehood in
 the end."

Commentary (by Fada Hunsi Ekunlé):

War, confusion, hate, and destruction have been brought
upon mankind through those who call themselves 'The Enlightened
Ones (Illuminati)'.

Yet, amongst themselves they believe that the evils that
they deliberately inflict upon the living beings, is only
a 'temporary evil', a 'necessary evil', that must be endured
in order to ensure a better future.

Thus they reign, thus they recruit, thus they hire their
soldiers of fortune.

To be sure, reality, or what the fool calls Truth, is born
from Lies. Nothing persists in this Universe if it has
not been altered from its original state. But Falsehood,
when this reality is being confronted as-it-is, ultimately
changes into a state of Truth and thus ceases to persist.

Is this enough to honestly proclaim that "The End Justifies the

In "The End" it is not!

How could it ever be?

What does remain after truth has prevailed?

Truth, as-it-is, is forgotten the moment it rises. Only
the Lies are remembered until the end of times.

Thus the dark side of the force, the self-acclaimed
Enlightened Ones and their henchmen, are building their own

And thus they shall be remembered.

"Lojokon, lojokon,
 a lepo sika lojokon. "

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