667. Beyond the Prime Goals (Part 1 of 2)

The creation (or "adaptation" in the Buddhist comprehension of things) of the Prime Goals or Motivations coincides with the creation of a solid timetrack, right after descending from the 'Pool of Shining (or Glowing) Gods'.

In the Buddhist view of things it is precisely 'halfway down'  into the density of Universes.

At this point, the individuation of a Being is jolted towards a temporary isolation. While a Being in the god pool is not yet differentiating between itself and other gods in the 'god pool' it already has a kind of 'self-awareness'.

But upon descending into the "Brahma" worlds, Beings that encounter other Beings are now seeing them as "other" Beings.  Thus the first "incidents" occur. These first incidents form the beginning of a solid time track, the beginning of 'Time'.

"Case" as seen in processing could be speculated to be 'born' with the first messing up of the time track. This 'messing up' typically arises from a swapping of the sequence of a overt with a motivator (placing the motivator BEFORE the overt even though the incident occured afterwards as a result of the overt).

The 'Prime Motivators' in general mark the 'beginning of games' and, from a Buddhist view, they were not created from "a space of absolute freedom" as often suggested, but they were the first dichotomy encountered during the descension into the Brahma-worlds.

The complete list of Universes, according to early Buddhist view, can be found in the center of the first recording of Buddhist teachings, the so-called 'Pali Canon'.

Lots of books could be written for each of the Universe levels. This would a somewhat futile project because any such elaborations will make sense only for someone who is able to view these spheres of existence. But 'seeing is believing', and someone who can 'see' it, doesn't need read about it. Furthermore, human language is not applicable to many spheres in the first place and any formulation must necessarily be fuzzy if not misleading.

In a nutshell, the 'physical Universes' begin at #17 out of 33 planes of existence. Bodies with intelligence are at plane #27.
(This plane includes humans but spans also comparable non-human lifeforms on other planets).

Here is an overview:

     \                Non-material Universe               /
      \              (4 planes of existence)               /
       \                 (Arupa Loka)                     /
        \ _________________________________ /
         \          Universe of subtle matter        /
          \           (16 planes of existence)       /
           \                                         /
            \            Brahma worlds           /
             \            (Rupa Loka)            /
              \                                  /
               \                               /
                \                             /
                 \                           /
                  \                         /
                   \                       /
                    \                     /
                     \                   /
                      \                 /
                       \               /
                         \  Realms  / 6 planes of existence
                          \   of    /
        Sugati             \ deva /
   (happy destinies)       \     /
                             \   /
                              \ /
       Kama Loka               .<= Realm of men (Manussa)
                              / \ <= Realm of Titans (Asura)
                             /   \ <= Realm of spirits (Peta)
                            /     \ <= Realm of animals
        Duggati            /       \ <= Hell (Niraya)
   (unhappy destinies)   /         \
                         /           \
                        /             \
                       /               \
                      /                 \
                     /                   \
                    /                     \

        Black Static Thetans (Avøci).

The chart above reflects nicely the view of the plane of human existence as the pivot point of experiencing the Universe. At this level, all possible experiences can be made, from the least desirable to the most exalted ones.

To more closely locate the beginning of time track and the arising of the prime goals, here is a more detailed list of the upper realms in this model:

(the classifications are more specific than reflected here. An empty line indicates the boundary of a sub-class. All realms have distinctive but descriptive names; the translation reflects the very poorly):

I. ARUPA LOKA, 4 non-material spheres:
    1. Neither-perception nor non-perception
    2. Absolute Nothingness
    3. Boundless Consciousness
    4. Boundless Space

 II. RUPA LOKA, 16 planes of subtle matter

     Five Pure Spheres
        5. Supreme Heaven
        6. Heaven of Being very welcomed
        7. Heaven of Clear Vision
        8. Heaven of Pure Serenity
        9. Long-lasting Heaven

       10.  Heaven of Non-Percipients

       11.  Heaven of supreme Merit

The 'Perfect Brahma' Worlds:

      12.  Stable Splendidness
      13.  Limited Splendidness

      14.  Lower Splendidness

Radiant Brahma Worlds:
       15.  Abundand Radiance
       16.  Limited Radiance
       17.  Lower Radiance

  Prime Motivators / beginning of
  'Games' & 'Personalities'

There are another nine levels before humanhood appears. They are described in another part of the 'Little Purple Notebook', as are the levels of undesirable existences.

The major reason to spend time on this topic is to see where one can go after the discovery and harmonization of the Individual Prime Axioms. This feat is now being accomplished by less time- and energy-consuming methods than Patanjali's approach of consequtive splitting and cleaning of dichotomies. For example, Ed Berwick's direct recall approach bypasses a lot of intermediate worlds altogether and can be an excellent starting point for
exploring the realms above.

(End of Part 1 of 2)

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