675. About the Different Kinds of Emotions
Emotions are often seen as a vital part of human existence. Some people even assume that 'emotions' are the quintessence of a Human Being at all and that without emotions a human would lose the very properties that distinguishes a human from all other creatures.

This viewpoint is reflecting a total dependence of the mind on the sensations of emotions. It is an absurd proposition, since the mind created 'emotions' in the first place.

With a mind thus enslaved, it usually goes completely unnoticed that there are different kinds of emotions:
 body emotions,
 emotions created by the mind,
 and the emotions of the spirit.

In a ridge/dispersal model of the Universe, the body emotions would follow the 'ridge' paradigm: they are 'rigidly' placed on the body.

The spiritual emotions, overlaying the body emotions, would follow the 'dispersal' paradigm in such a model: they permeate throughout a certain volume of space.

Emotions created by the mind are using encapsulated fragments of the Being and are programmed by a person environment, forming a 'consensus reality'.

The 'ordinary' human Being cannot detect its own spiritual emotions because of its fixed focus on the ridges on its body within its mind.

These are the places where emotions have been created and are then constantly being triggered.

Yet the spiritual emotions influence the body emotions to a large degree. More precisely, the spiritual emotions can activate and even create new
emotions (ridges) on the body and in the mind.

One reason that a Being is not aware of its own spiritual emotions is that it cannot confront its own state of spirituality.

The prevailing opinion about a Being's spirituality is that a Being is inherently good and, according to most of the New Age philosophies, it will bathe in its own goodness as soon as it discovers it own existence as a spiritual Being.

Unfortunately this is not quite the case.

What most people bathe in is not so much their new-found spirituality but a newly created image (a 'mockup') of what it thinks it would or should be.

They are usually not detecting the existence of their own spiritual emotions at all. Thus they create a new dream within the old dream within the prior dream...

The bitter and cruel truth is that the spiritual emotions of most Beings can cover a range comparable to the body emotions.

Consequently, it is NOT all bliss and sunshine, far from it!

Once they contact their own spiritual emotions, many people are so shocked that they will never want to look there ever again.

Very often glimpses of one's own _higher_ spiritual emotions are labeled 'guardian angels', 'God', or other exterior causes. These glimpses can happen during extraordinary situations, like the stunning beauty of scenery in nature, or during extreme or life-threatening situations in life.

The most famous of all spiritual emotions is perhaps the one that manifests when one has 'fallen in love'.

If an event like this happens, the spiritual emotion seem to override all body emotions, virtually 'drowning' all body signals and thus kind of coloring them in the 'color of love'.

Again, a spiritual emotion is permeating a volume of space in contrast to a body emotion that is forming a ridge of energy at a certain place on the body.

One single spiritual emotion can thus alter all existing ridges on the body and thus all potential body emotions.

Unfortunately, the spiritual emotion of 'falling in love' is not invoked too often during a life time and seldom lasts very long.

The prevailing level of spiritual emotions is in the lower band, more precisely around the level of 'being a body'. This point is above 'controlling bodies' and 'punishing bodies' but is much lower than 'hate' or 'anger', and just below 'apathy'.

To understand the manifestation of an emotion (both body, mind, and spiritual) in general, here is a short look at the characteristics of 'emotion' again:

- it is an energy on either a ridge (on the body) or
  energy in a state of dispersal (around the body or
  parts thereof);

- it has a continuous scale of energy states, or
  vibrations, roughly starting out with 'zero'
  at the bottom (death), and coming up to total
  bliss or serenity at the top;

- it contains the apparency of 'something moving'
  or 'buzzing' (which are the repercussions of
  energy flows hitting the ridge).

The scales of emotions of body and spirit are different but comparable. In existing depictions of emotional scales, both kind of emotions are usually overlaid on the same scale without any differentiation.

Very often, body and spirit emotion seem deceptively similar.

For example, there is a level of energy that is called 'apathy' for body emotions and there is a level of spiritual emotion that compares to exactly that level.

Since most people, upon their first awakening, are in deep apathy in their spiritual emotionality (just above 'being a body'!), they will have to work their way 'up' on the scale of spiritual emotions.

But what are the spiritual emotions above 'apathy'?

For body emotions, the next 'higher' emotions are the feeling of having 'to make amends', and, above that, the feeling of 'grief'.

The spiritual emotion follows the same pattern.

This may be the reason that myriads of acclaimed saints were giving their lives away to exclusively serve their fellowmen.

They were thoroughly convinced they would do 'God's work'. Little did they realize that they were stuck in the spiritual emotion corresponding to 'making amends'.

If they ever rose in their level of spiritual emotion, they encountered 'grief' and wandered around telling everyone about 'this valley of tears'.

If their spiritual emotion dropped, they were at the level of 'being a body'. At this point, there is no detection of the spiritual emotion possible - it
seems to coincide with simply 'being a body'. Thus the 'saint' has been fallen back to just 'being a body', like most people around him.

If the prior 'saint' is awakening again, s/he will be again just above the level of 'being a body', namely in 'apathy'.

It can be frightening to raise the energies of the spiritual emotions up from the point of 'apathy', especially when spiritual emotions are encountered
that correspond to 'fear' and 'anger'.

But there is no way around confronting one's own negative spiritual emotions once they can be accessed.

Here is the good news:

Unwanted events in the future are largely invoked by one's own current 'negative' spiritual emotions.

Cleaning up these negativities and strengthening some positive spiritual emotions will thus be extremely beneficial for the future.

This is easier said than done. First of all, the body emotions, if not under control, will vehemently interfere with any attempts to access the spiritual
emotion. One of the reasons why body emotions have been created was to misdirect and override a Being's perceptions.

The Spiritual Being could at some point no longer confront its own spiritual emotions. Instead, it created body emotions and started to hide by pretending to just 'being a body' (the latter being a distinct point on the scale of spiritual emotions).

Thus, confronting the darker sides of one's own spiritual emotions is painful in a two-fold way: the long-standing inability to confront one's own full range of spiritual emotions is augmented by the pain of triggered (negative)
body emotions.

Discovering one's own spiritual emotions can be an extremely painful process, therefore, but it is hardly a way around it. There is no simple 'escape from this Universe'- the Being must come clean in every aspect before it regains control over its own whereabouts.

A sizable book could be written about all the apparent paradoxes that can now find a better explanation based on the differentiation between body, mind and spiritual emotions.

Some highlights of such a voluminous book could be:

 - how many awakened people wind up degrading their
   lives voluntarily and why they constantly try to
   make amends without ever being asked for;

 - how other awakened people get stuck in grief
   instead of enjoying the bliss of freedom;

 - how religious dedication of groups can wind up
   in fanatic violence (the spiritual tone level
   in a group can get hyped up to 'anger' or
   'antagonism', a level much higher than apathy
   but still in the 'lower band');

 - how something similar can happen with large
   fan groups (like soccer or rock fans) where
   ecstasy and admiration turns inexplicably
   into outbursts of physical violence;

 - how animals can have a better perception of the
   true intentions of a person than fellow humans
   (animals sense the spiritual emotion as well as
   the body emotions);

 - how 'attitude' is really a 'faked' spiritual

 - how the phenomenon of the 'presence' of a person
   works (it is a spiritual emotion permeating
   the room);

 - how 'sex appeal' is a combination of body and
   spiritual emotions. (Within a certain margin the
   'looks' of a lady, for example, is virtually
   neglectable in regards to her combined body/spirit
   emotion, the 'sex appeal'.)

 - how awakened leaders seem to apparently turn
   around and become despots (they continued to
   wake up but got stuck on their way up through
   'fear' and 'anger').

 - how the real state of mind of the leaders of this
   planet could be (the 'true' leaders who remain
   in the background, not their puppets that just
   appear to have the power!). As yet another speculation,
   they may indeed be very awakened persons (they
   sure are tremendously effective) and be stuck
   in some spiritual emotion below 'boredom'. Or,
   more likely perhaps, they went even lower in the
   band (below 'being a body') and are stuck in
   spirituals emotion which could be called
   'controlling bodies', 'punishing bodies', and even
   'destroying bodies');

 - how music affects a person (it addresses the
   spiritual emotions which in turn activate
   body emotions that are then felt by the person);

 - how the rhythmic beat of drums in shamanic
   sessions can freeze the body emotions at a fixed
   level, thus making it possible to perceive one's
   spiritual emotions to a certain degree;

 - how 'being in love' alters the perceptions of
   'normal' body emotions;

 - how an apparently 'nice and normal' person can
   become one of the most cruel torturer or murderers
   (the person temporarily dropped its body emotions
   and was guided by negative vectors in its spiritual

 - how drugs affecting emotions can cause a 'horror
   trip' (the body emotions freeze of fall away and
   a person looks at the negative vectors in his own
   spirituality in the lower band - if they happen to
   look at the higher band, of course, they would 'bliss
[lots of other examples omitted for the sake of

In any case, it requires a lot of courage and strength to work oneself through the lower bands of spiritual emotions and many great people gave
up or settled at some point in the lower band.

This presupposes of course that a Being recognized the existence of spiritual emotions to begin with.

If it hears about it, chances are it will try to label some of its nicer body emotions as being 'spiritual'.

Again: spiritual emotions are *fundamentally* different from body emotions.

Finally, it may be argued that some truths are better left untold.

It may even be dangerous to talk about it. After all, spiritual emotions, once invoked, could trigger an avalanche of negative body emotions and the messenger could become a target of hate rather than a source of wisdom.

All in all, however, there were so many casualties throughout the known spiritual history of mankind that the phenomenon of the existence
and the importance of spiritual emotions must not be withheld out of fear of rejection or the misguided compassion for dreamers who continue to dream that they are waking up - and are thus getting deeper and deeper into the web of their own delusions.

Copyleft © 1999, 2000 by Maximilian J. Sandor