Somber Lights

"Can't you shut up for a while? I'm trying to catch
some sleep," said the little girl with an annoyed
tone in her voice.
"See, I told you so, everyone hates you," shouted
the Light triumphantly at the Darkness, not hiding
his disdain.
"I meant BOTH of you, shut up now!" The little girl
grew more and more impatient. "I gotta go to school
tomorrow morning, very early," she stressed.
"This obnoxious Darkness was starting this fight,
I'm completely innocent!" the Light defended himself.
"Well, well, well," said the Darkness with a soft,
ironic voice, "the Light finally shows his true
face: nothing but lies!"
"You're a fine one to talk," yelled the Light with
outrage. "Everyone knows that Darkness is evil,
a coward, and full of deception! I, on the other hand,
I, yes, I, the Light himself, I stand for eternal
truth and honesty. I am the justice, and, yes, again,
I am the truth!"
"Why do you have to yell so loud, Light? Is it
that you must overwhelm everyone with your brightness
in order to make yourself being taken serious?"
The Darkness was whispering now. "Must you blind
others with your light so that they can't see the
real truth?"
"Nobody sees anything without me being there in the
first place," asserted the light with a tone full
of confidence, but way too loud.
The little girl rolled over in her bed, sighing,
holding both of her ears with her tiny hands.
"You didn't answer my question," murmured the Darkness
gleefully. "Which proves my point right there."
"You get only noticed when I am not there!" continued
the Light with pride.
"Hah," countered the Darkness, "which shows that I am
still there when you're gone. Without me, you wouldn't
be in existence in the first place! Get it?"
"Now, that's enough, you guys!" The little girl jumped
up and sat upright on her bed, determined the put an
end to this fight which robbed her of her precious sleep.
"How long are you two fighting already? Can't you
never stop?"
It was suddenly very quiet in the child's small room.
"Come on, answer up!" demanded the little girl.
More silence.
Finally, Darkness answered slowly, weighing every
syllable as if her life depended on each of them:
"There was a time where I was at peace with myself.
This was a long, long time ago. It was so long ago,
that, really, there had been no time at that time
at all. Then, I can't remember when, I found a dirty
spot of ugly light in my wonderful Self. Ever since
then, my dear little child, there was this ugly,
annoying, totally obnoxious and revolting thing
that calls itself the Light."
Another moment of deep silence spread in the room
of the little child. For a moment, it seemed that
peace may have finally entered the room.
"What do you have to say to all this, dear Light?"
inquired the little girl.
Seemingly out of nothing, there was a flash. Harsh,
hurting everyone's eyes, and with a sharp, piercing
voice, the Light started yelling, with words so
fast and so shrill, that the little girl stopped
breathing for a moment.
"This is the most incredible lie I ever heard in
my entire life. And what a life, I must say! I am
here since the beginning of the Universe. Nothing
exists without me. And nothing persists without
"Except me, of course," interrupted the Darkness
with a broad grin.
"Oh, stop it now, you guys! Let's get this straight
once and for all: you're fighting since the beginning
of the Universe? Is that right?"
"Hmm, yes," admitted the Light.
"Well, no! Only since I saw the first speck of Light
in me," growled the Darkness with disgust.
"Poor thing!" the girl said with a mocking tone.
"Frankly, I cannot remember not having this filth
of darkness around. I cursed my existence from
the beginning over this."
"So, when are you going to stop fighting, you two?"
"When the light is gone for ever," claimed the Darkness.
"No, when Darkness has been vanquished forever."
asserted the Light, raising his voice again.
"That can't be, Light! At the end of all of this,
at the end of the Universe, there will only me
remaining, me!, me!, me! Long after the Light has
"But wasn't there anything before you and, maybe,
just maybe, there may be something after you,
dear Darkness?" asked the girl with curiousity.
Darkness remained silent.
"Do you know or not?" the little girl pressed on.
"There is one thing, yes, but I'm not supposed to
mention it. Only when someone really wants to know,
I am allowed to give a hint or two." the Darkness
answered carefully.
"Well, I asked you, didn't I?" the little girl
"Yes, but as long as you prefer the light over the
darkness, you wouldn't understand the answer, I am
afraid." Darkness said. And it seemed there was
a sorrowful undertone in her soft voice.
"But I love you BOTH!" the girl shouted. "When
I go to bed, I love the darkness and the
silence of the night. And when I get up in the
morning, I enjoy the sun going up and brightening
the sky!"
There was a silence in the small room.
"But darkness is evil, can't you see, little girl," the
Light asked with astonishment. "Don't you want
to be with the Light?"
"Don't let yourself fool you," interjected the Darkness,
"it's the other way around, of course!"
"You guys, what does that has to do with all of this?"
scolded the little girl both of them.
"Light is Light And Darkness is Darkness,
Whether Good appears together with Light or within
Darkness, it still is Good! And Evil can dwell in both
of you as well."
She paused to take a deep breath.
"In any case, it seems we're in for a long fight,"
the little girl said thoughtfully. "But I must
sleep now, otherwise I will be tired all day
tomorrow. And that's no fun, believe me!
Now, how about you two give it a break for some
hours? How about you like each other, just for
now, you know?"
"Hmmm...," grumbled the Darkness.
"Tsss...," hissed the Light.
"After all, think of it, isn't there something of
the other in each of you, isn't it?"
"Yes... but that's the problem..." the Light
started raising his voice again.
"Pssst!" ordered the little girl.
"How about you really like yourself even though
you have this Darkness in you as well? Just for
tonight, mind you!" the girl proposed.
"I could try," conceded the Light.
"And how about you, dear Darkness," continued
the little girl. "Can you try to love yourself
even though there is a speck of light in you
as well, spoiling your majesty?"
"Hmmm..." groaned the darkness.
And at this, some somber lights entered the room of
the little child who was falling asleep immediately,
The shiny darkness engulfed the little house where
the girl was living, glowing peacefully but mightily.
This night, the moon was smiling. This night her
broad grin, far from being a mere figment of
imagination, was for real.